Do you suffer from thinning hair, shedding, or breakage? Nutrafol’s clinically proven, #1 dermatologist-recommended hair growth supplement is the first holistic approach to hair growth!

Using a multi-target approach to finding the root cause affecting hair loss, including hormones (peri-and post menopause, pregnancy, postpartum), high stress levels, diet and nutrition deficiencies, metabolism, over styling hair and aging, Nutrafol offers solutions to not only give visibly thicker, stronger, fuller hair, but it also supports whole body health in men and women.

Their patented, medical-grade Synergen Complex uses plant actives that are bio-optimized for fast and efficient absorption and quality results. 

Client Testimonials 

“My hair was starting to thin, and you could notice. Since Nutrafol all of that has stopped. Nutrafol has such a positive effect.”

– 36-year-old female using Nutrafol Women

“My thin hair was very noticeable, and my confidence was at an all time low. Now I wear a cap a lot less and am less embarrassed.”

– 27-year-old male using Nutrafol Men

“My part was getting wider, and I started styling my hair differently to cover it up. It was embarrassing. After using Nutrafol for 6 months I see more growth and my part is getting smaller again. Now I feel more confident!”

– 60-year-old female using Nutrafol Women’s Balance 

“As a hormone and age management specialist, I see many patients looking for a solution to treat their thinning hair. The Nutrafol suite of products has given me the ability to confidently recommend therapies not only backed by science, but repeatedly praised by my satisfied patients. I’m happy with my own results too!” 

– Dr. Russell Bartels